Teral fan


Sirocco Fan

: Single suction double-supported belt drive type with sound deadening box

Product Description
  • A sirocco fan whose main purpose is to reduce noise by absorbing sound with a sound absorbing material and shielding with a sound deadening box. The optimum selection can be made frequently by increasing the rotation speed.
  • CLF6 / CLF5 type sirocco fan has lower rotation speed and lower noise than conventional products. Sufficient performance is demonstrated at low speeds, and at the same time noise generation is suppressed.
  • Easy installation with box shape. In addition, since the suction and discharge are linear, it becomes easier.
  • Ideal for local air supply and exhaust where machine room equipment is difficult.
  • Vibration isolation rubber is included as standard, so you can take full care of vibration isolation.
  • For general air blowing and exhaust
  • For air conditioning and ventilation
  • For air supply and exhaust

Handling Fluid : Air
Fluid Temperature : 0 ~40°C