water supply unit



: Estimate terminal pressure constant control water supply unit(inverter control)
The electricity consumption is suspressed to approximately 50% that of a conventional system

: Rust free material design
Pump use “rust free” precision stainless steel investment casting.and other wet part design base on “rust free such stainless,resin.

: Quiet and compact
Precision finish contributes to noise reduction
Inverter control reduce noise and also prevent water hammer

: High quality and reliability


: Water supply unit
: Pressure booster in the building, hotels, residential complexes
: Pressure booster station, supply of water networks
: Pressure booster for industrial water supply


Liquid : Clean Water
Liquid temperature : 0 – 40 °C
Installation environment : Indoor 0 – 40 °C Humidity below 85%
: No dew condensation allowed

Pump material

Pump ASVM type stainless vertical multistage centrifugal pump
Casing : Stainless casting (SCS13)
Main Shaft : Stainless (SUS431)
Impeller : Stainless (SUS304)

Control system

Estimated end pressure constant control
Discharge pressure constant control by frequency control