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Committed to designing and creating solutions that support the potential in work performance.”

We are committed to developing and implementing operational efficiency. Teral Thai goes beyond more production of water pumps and industrial fan units; our dedication lies in crafting bespoke solutions to enhance the operational efficiency of water pump and fan systems in residential, commercial, industrial, and civil engineering settings. Leveraging technology inherited from Japan, together with extensive knowledge, experience, and attention to detail, we strive to deliver products and services tailored to bolster efficiency and environmental compatibility across diverse usage scenarios.


Our company, TERAL THAI create the future social of abundance with air and water. We aim to reduce the burden on the global environment, contribute to a comfortable living environment.TERAL products support the social development in a point of being invisible.

Exceptional Insight



We draw from the expertise of TERAL INC, Japan, which boasts over a century of experience.


Our understanding transcends mere product knowledge; we comprehend the needs of various industries.


We tailor solutions to suit your precise requirements, meticulously addressing every aspect.


Every product is crafted to enhance user efficiency while reducing environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle.