Teral Thai Committed to providing the best service possible.

To ensure the creation of top-tier products and services, we distilled our collective knowledge, experience, and expertise to uphold international production standards ISO 9001:2015. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, functioning as a one-stop shop, aimed at facilitating success in the domains of water systems and air ventilation systems for our customers.

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Offering consultations by expert teams

We offer consultation services, delivering tailored advice to our clients through a team of experts.

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Developing equipment solutions to be highly adaptable to maximum usage

Our engineering and R&D teams collaboratively develop equipment solutions that are adaptable and optimized for maximum utility, focusing on generating value while mitigating pollution issues within the framework of sustainable environmental practices.

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Production processes that meet international standards

Our production processes adhere to international standards, with oversight by our staff. We are equipped to integrate cutting-edge production technologies to enhance equipment efficiency and effectively address noise pollution and energy consumption concerns.

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Service provided by expert teams

Our expert team provides maintenance, repair, or equipment replacement services, ensuring swift resolution of operational issues.

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After sale service

Consultation services

We offer after-sales services, including consultation and guidance, ensuring clients receive prompt assistance through our dedicated CALL CENTER team.